Symbolic CAS Environment

In the CAS environment, all figures and all arithmetic operations are interpreted symbolically .

Some of the over one hundred CAS functions are already available directly from the keyboard. Many other features are found in CAS menu , which is divided into different sections:

  • Algebra:
    Simplify, summarize, multiplying, factoring, dismantling of arithmetic expressions.
  • Analysis:
    Form of derivatives, integrals, differential operators, limits, sums, Laplace and Fourier transforms.
  • Solve:
    Solving equations and differential equations.
  • Converting:
    Apply power and trigonometric principles to calculate expressions.
  • Number theory:
    Divider, gcd, lcm, prime factorization, prime number, Euclidean algorithm modulo calculation.
  • Polynomials:
    Zeros, dividers, factorization, gcd, lcm, Euclidean algorithm, Groebner basis, hermite, Lagrange, Laguerre, Legendre, Chebyshev polynomials.
  • Graphing:
    Functions in one and two variables, implicit functions, direction fields, isolines.