Practical Multi-Touch Display

As one of the first graphing calculator, the HP Prime offers a 3.5-inch, multi-touch-enabled color screen that reacts to touch with your finger, which means all features of the HP Prime can be activated by briefly tapping the screen. HP presents a calculator with a convenient operating system, many people are already familiar with smartphones or tablets. The benefits of multi-touch technology can be seen in many ways:

  • Graphs or charts can be moved for further analysis by a finger gesture. This eliminates the tedious navigating through control keys.
  • By touching the screen geometric constructions can be produced as on a drawing sheet. The tensile mode can be executed directly with a finger movement in all directions.
  • The keys of the calculator are complemented by appropriate menu fields at the bottom of the display appear depending on the context. By touching a displayed menu field, the corresponding function is executed.

Adding text files and search
On the HP Prime it is possible to add text files (in an HP format). A search is not possible, so students will have to scroll through the entire document. Erasing the memory, however, removes these documents so that they no longer be used during exams and tests. This applies to all user-added content .