Exam Mode

With the exam mode, the devices of the students can be rapidly returned to their initial state, or show only certain functions which are allowed for exams.

The procter defines the exam time, the angular and the password (not visible), with which he prematurely can terminate the exam mode.

In addition, the procter can disable specific applications of the calculator, For example the arithmetic units, or the computer algebra system.

Also, certain mathematical functions in detail, for example, all trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, or certain, can be disabled.

Once on the calculator of the teacher all testing parameters have been set, they can be transfered to all devices of the students.
If required, in addition the three colored RGB LEDs on the front of the HP Prime are enabled. These LEDs flash at all test participants synchronously, so that the procter can check easily the activated test mode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can exam mode be disabled with another calculator?
A: No, unlike other calculators, HP Prime exam mode cannot be disabled using another calculator. TI nSpire eg. allows for exam mode to be disabled from any PC and/or other nSpire.  This means that a student with a second nSpire in their pocket and cable could disable exam mode easily.

Q: Why are there 3 LEDs?
A: Having only one blinking LED does not provide assurance that the calculator is in the correct exam  configuration, teachers cannot be certain in which exam mode the student is operating (e.g. the student might enable exam mode before entering the exam and choose not to delete their notes). 3 LEDs blinking a unique, sequential code provide greater security.

Q: Can students replicate the light pattern of an exam mode?
A: No, because the pattern of the three lights is cryptographically generated, it cannot be replicated

Q: Can exam mode be disabled by students?
A: Students cannot exit exam mode without the password for the exam; if no password is chosen, the PC which put the calculator into exam mode is required to disable it or time must expire

Q: What is the range of duration for exams?
A: Exams can be set from 15 minutes to 8 hours in length

Q: What happens if the battery is removed?
A: Exam mode is unaffected

Q: Can exam mode be saved on student calculators for recurring exams?
A: Yes, configurations can be created by/shared with students and can be transferred between calculators